While you can never predict any day at the helm of a thriving retirement community, one thing is for certain, says Samford Grove’s new village manager Cherie Montgomery. “There’s never a dull moment!”

Only recently settled back into Brisbane, Cherie is looking forward to guiding a new era at Samford Grove with a multi-million expansion, including a brand new luxurious community centre, well under way.

The centre – known as The Homestead – incorporates a café, hair salon and large library with an open fireplace on the ground floor and 12 stunning new apartments on the top level.

Set to take the community’s renowned lifestyle to another level, the resort-style centre will offer residents everything from a cinema, lounge and bar, to a lap pool and gymnasium.

“I’m looking forward to helping the residents build their vision for the activities they want to pursue,” she said. “With the new community centre, together we can imagine anything.

“There’s going to be lots to co-ordinate.”

Cherie has been managing retirement communities from Brisbane to Toowoomba, as well a stint in New Zealand, for the past 16 years and thrives on the unpredictability that each day can, and usually does, offer.

“From maintenance to reception to accounts co-ordinator there’s always lots going on,” she said.

“Right now I’m enjoying getting to know the residents. Being in such close contact you all tend to become part of one big family.

“Some days can range from heart-warming to sad as you hear each other’s stories and get to know one another.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and there certainly can be some poignant moments as residents reflect on their lives, their memories and the things that they’ve done during their time.

“One thing is for certain, with so much going on there is never a dull moment.”

To find out how you could join the Samford Grove ‘family’, call us on 07 3289 3372 or fill in our contact form.