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There’s nothing quite like a freshly barista-brewed coffee to perk up your day.

It’s a bonus when it comes with a friendly smile, and even better when it’s just a few steps away from your front door.

Welcome to The Grove Café.

Alongside a showcase of resort-style facilities including a cinema, bar and lounge, lap pool, gym, large library and hair salon, it’s the latest, tastiest addition to Samford Grove’s luxurious new community and wellness hub, The Homestead.


The Grove showcases a wide selection of mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats.


Complete with a tantalising assortment of mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats, The Grove has already earned the tick of approval from its first customers, with many now confirmed regulars.


Cheerful and colourful, The Grove Cafe is already a hub of daily life at Samford Grove.


It promises to become a hub of daily life here, and with good reason. As these photos show, there’s plenty on offer to tempt all tastebuds – chocoholics included.

Tea is available as well as coffee, and snacks range from the delightfully indulgent to cakes and gluten-free options. Who couldn’t resist a fresh, sticky date slice or a helping of carrot cake or banana bread for a mid-morning treat?

Visitors are welcome to sit and soak up the ambience at The Grove too, making this an ideal spot to bring family and friends.

The Grove is open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

The Homestead, which opened late last year, sets a new benchmark for retirement facilities in the north-west Brisbane region.

It also incorporates 12 stunning apartments on the top level and is the latest component of a major multi-million dollar expansion at Samford Grove.

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Samford Grove Retirement Village_Outdoor Entertaining Area_render

Could there be a better Christmas present than this? In the lead-up to the festive season, our exclusive Retiree Home Bonus can save you $25,000 on a brand new villa or apartment at Samford Grove.

This offer means that brand new apartments are now selling from $365,000 – representing excellent value in one of the most stunning locations in all of greater Brisbane.

With our compliments of the season, there has never been a better time to consider the next exciting new phase of your life.

Not only is it an incredible opportunity to make an enormous saving, new residents can also take full advantage of the wonderful array of resort-style amenities at our just completed luxury community hub known as The Homestead.

Indoor Pool_Samford Grove Homestead

The resort-style centre provides residents with everything from a cinema to a lounge and bar, café, hair salon, library, lap pool and gymnasium, as well as 12 stunning new apartments on the top level.

The latest component of a multi-million dollar expansion at Samford Grove has already been hugely popular with more than 50 per cent of the first stage sold out.

Our ready-to-move into apartments offer a choice of one or two-bedroom layouts with modern open-plan living spaces opening on to expansive balconies showcasing the region’s wonderful countryside views.

The Homestead is the perfect place to entertain and catch up with family and friends at any time let alone the holiday season.

Samford Grove_Villa

We also have a range of deluxe independent living villas close by, with two-bedroom options priced from $555,000.

The only dilemma will be deciding what to do with the savings – such as tucking a few extra goodies into this year’s Christmas stockings.

At Samford Grove, it’s all about choice and living life your way.

Our Retiree Home Bonus is available for a limited time only so call us now on 07 3289 3372 or fill in this contact form.

Five Good Friends pic

Samford Grove is partnering with Five Good Friends – one of Australia’s leading home care providers – to support our residents with the best available tailored assistance.

Why Five Good Friends?

Five Good Friends offers you control over your home care, together with empowering technology, more hours of care and exceptional service.

Friendship is also at the heart of their philosophy.

It’s reflected in their name and they believe is has the power to transform the way people are cared for.

In essence, friendship is one of the keys to living a longer, happier and healthier life.

Quite simply, their vision aligns with our values at Samford Grove, which offers an easy-going, highly connected and flourishing retirement among friends old and new.

Five Good Friends will provide a broad suite of services to allow our residents to continue living meaningful and independent lives.

They pride themselves on exceptional service. Whatever your needs they can provide a solution, from help with household chores to nursing care.

Matching you with the best people to assist and care for you is at the core of everything they do.

Not only do they verify the skills, training and references of the people they send to you, but they also look for people who are committed to forming a genuine connection with you.

The list of services is extensive. Five Good Friends can provide wide-ranging personal care, including dressing, bathing, and managing your daily medication.

They can also help you maintain your home including washing and ironing, cleaning the carpet and changing the sheets.

They have a nursing team that is available short term if you are recovering from a hospital stay, or longer term to treat ongoing conditions.

They can provide helpers to assist you reach your fitness goals and even accompany you on walks in the local community or care for your pets, including dog walking and grooming.

Help with administrative tasks such as signing documents, paying bills and using technology, is also offered.

Importantly, Five Good Friends offers the latest technology to empower you and give you more control.

With the assistance of an app, your Five Good Friends schedule is at your fingertips. You’ll know when helpers are scheduled to visit, when they have arrived, and you can track your expenditure for peace of mind.


To discover more about Five Good Friends, click here.

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Samford Grove residents village bus

Residents at Samford Grove are now travelling in style to essential services with a new village minibus, which will also be used for fun day trips in the future!

The new minibus is not only practical but a stylish Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that provides the ultimate in passenger comfort the very latest safety technology.

It has increased the choices for residents who might otherwise utilise public transport and now conducts regular trips to the Samford township and locations further afield, such as Brookside Shopping Centre at Mitchelton.

Samford Grove Village Manager

Samford Grove Village Manager Cherie Montgomery says the bus has been an instant hit with residents since its delivery a few weeks ago.

“Our residents are very proud of their brand-new minibus with many utilising it to grab groceries or have a cup of coffee before heading home,” she said.

“It’s increased the transport options for many of our regular bus users and those that prefer not to drive anymore.”

There are plans in the future to increase the number of minibus drop off points to include more essential services destinations.  There are also recreational day trips planned as Samford Grove continues to expand.

To find out how you too could call Samford Grove home, call us on 07 3289 3372 or fill in this contact form.

We recently welcomed groups of local retirees to celebrate the opening of our new resident clubhouse, the Homestead, and newly completed homes and apartments at our Samford Grove on show events!

Held over two days, guests were invited to join the Samford Grove team for an exclusive first look at the high-anticipated community expansion.

Included in the new Homestead is an indoor pool, private cinema, lounge and bar, café, hair salon, library, gym and more!

Creating a range of new entertainment and leisure options for residents, the Homestead has been designed to be accessible for all ages and is available for residents to enjoy with visitors such as family and friends.

The Samford Grove expansion also includes a range of new on-ground homes, connected by new landscaped outdoor spaces and a community garden, and modern apartments located above the new Homestead.

Guests were accompanied by Samford Grove staff for a tour of the new homes and apartments and enjoyed a presentation by Reside Communities CEO, Glen Brown, on the amazing new health and wellbeing services that will be available for residents at the Homestead.

If you missed out on attending but would like to book a private tour, contact us on (07) 3289 3372 or complete this contact form.

The Homestead is a true resort-style centre providing residents with everything from a cinema, lounge and bar to a lap pool and gym.

It also incorporates a cafe, a hair salon, and a large library with an open fireplace on the ground level and 12 stunning new apartments on the top level.

The Homestead is part of a major multi-million dollar expansion at Samford Grove. Much anticipated by residents, it is just one of the ways Reside Communities is delivering on their expectations.

Reside_samford Grove Cinema

With an abundance of spaces to entertain family and friends and a choice of health and fitness options, residents have everything they need for a connected lifestyle.

Samford Grove is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a strong sense of community spirit and a calendar of regular social events and activities.

Reside_samford grove homestead

The Homestead will add to this by creating a new community heart for both current and future residents to enjoy.   As Samford Grove’s crowning glory, it showcases our firm commitment to meeting the many needs of today’s retirees.

Reside_samford grove homestead pool

Samford Grove’s new architecturally-designed apartments meanwhile offer a choice of one or two-bedroom layouts with open plan living spaces seamlessly transitioning to balconies with sweeping countryside vistas.

Along with the new apartments, the village is adding to its range of deluxe independent living homes in a lush green setting just a few metres walk from The Homestead.

To find out how you too could call Samford Grove home, call us on 07 3289 3372 or fill in this contact form.

While you can never predict any day at the helm of a thriving retirement community, one thing is for certain, says Samford Grove’s new village manager Cherie Montgomery. “There’s never a dull moment!”

Only recently settled back into Brisbane, Cherie is looking forward to guiding a new era at Samford Grove with a multi-million expansion, including a brand new luxurious community centre, well under way.

The centre – known as The Homestead – incorporates a café, hair salon and large library with an open fireplace on the ground floor and 12 stunning new apartments on the top level.

Set to take the community’s renowned lifestyle to another level, the resort-style centre will offer residents everything from a cinema, lounge and bar, to a lap pool and gymnasium.

“I’m looking forward to helping the residents build their vision for the activities they want to pursue,” she said. “With the new community centre, together we can imagine anything.

“There’s going to be lots to co-ordinate.”

Cherie has been managing retirement communities from Brisbane to Toowoomba, as well a stint in New Zealand, for the past 16 years and thrives on the unpredictability that each day can, and usually does, offer.

“From maintenance to reception to accounts co-ordinator there’s always lots going on,” she said.

“Right now I’m enjoying getting to know the residents. Being in such close contact you all tend to become part of one big family.

“Some days can range from heart-warming to sad as you hear each other’s stories and get to know one another.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and there certainly can be some poignant moments as residents reflect on their lives, their memories and the things that they’ve done during their time.

“One thing is for certain, with so much going on there is never a dull moment.”

To find out how you could join the Samford Grove ‘family’, call us on 07 3289 3372 or fill in our contact form.


Allan and Vicki Svensen have just notched up 17 years at Samford Grove – and after all this time, they’re still “living the dream’’.

The couple, both friendly and vibrant personalities, are popular members of the community.

Vicki, who helps many of her neighbours with tasks including grocery shopping and attending medical appointments, is known in many ways as the community’s resident “go to” person.

It’s perhaps only fitting that she’s an integral part of Samford Grove’s social committee.

“I worked in a pharmacy for 35 years and I was used to working with older people,” she said. “That’s just me – I like helping people.”

The pair, who owned a house at Keperra before they retired, had long harboured a dream to move to Samford.

“Allan worked for Telstra for many years on new housing estates in this area and he just adored it,” said Vicki.

Coincidentally, he designed all the cabling that runs through Samford Grove Retirement Village, completed just before his retirement.

“I just love it at Samford,” said Allan. “I wanted to buy a five-acre place at Highvale, which is just near here, in 1976.

“I saw it in my travels and it was a good price for the time.

“While we didn’t end up buying on that occasion, we did eventually get here – 30 years later!”

Vicki said they inspected seven villages between Samford and Redcliffe before they made the move to Samford Grove.

“In the end, we kept coming back to this one. We used to get lovely breezes at our home in Keperra, and that was one of the stipulations I had for moving into a new place.

“We got to Samford, and the breezes were just brilliant.”

The couple were among Samford Grove’s first wave of residents and now find it hard to imagine living anywhere else.

Both keen gardeners, they have a particular interest in growing azaleas.

With 30 pots of azaleas to tend to, it’s more than just a casual hobby – and Allan is able to reel off the name of each cultivar – ranging from whites through to pinks and blood red blooms – all arranged in order on proud display in their back yard.

To find out how you too could call Samford Grove home, call us on 07 3289 3372 or fill in our contact form.

Residents Allan and Vicki Svensen tending to azaleas

Margaret Crombie - Samford Grove Retirement Village

Samford Grove Retirement Village has opened the doors to Stage 1A of its new development, with the first residents moving into their brand new homes.

Construction has been underway since October last year, and excitement has been steadily building since the first slabs appeared.

For Margaret Crombie, the first resident to move into the new section, the appeal of a newly built home and the benefits of retirement village living made the decision to move to Samford Grove an easy one – and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I was just up the road in Cashmere, living on acreage by myself,” she said.

“I was looking to buy another property in Samford – not another big property, but another house with a bit of land.

“Just by chance I saw the advertising for this community and I thought I’d come and have a look, and within three days I had put down a deposit. It just seemed to all come together.”

Low-maintenance living was a significant drawcard for Margaret, offering a stark change from the burden of looking after a large family home and acreage.

At Samford Grove, Margaret is still able to tend to her garden – an interest she’s held for decades – while the village team looks after home maintenance, lawnmowing and other household chores, not to mention keeping the village’s facilities in excellent condition.

“When I looked at [Samford Grove], I saw the advantages of having a brand new property,” she said.

“My husband was a very good handyman and he would be able to fix most things around the house.

“When he passed away, I had to do it myself and I just don’t have those skills – you know, I’d never had to look after a pool before.

“I was having to either get my son to come down from the Sunshine Coast, or my friends. Everyone offers to help you and they don’t mind doing it, but you mind!

“To have the maintenance sorted, that takes a huge weight of your shoulders when you’ve been doing it by yourself for a few years. It was a big feeling of relief when I moved in.”

Margaret joined the community in mid April, at the height of Queensland’s COVID-19 restrictions. Though she’s had to get to know some of her fellow residents from afar, it hasn’t stopped new relationships from forming.

“Despite the lockdown, I’ve met people just walking around the village or popping their heads in to say hello,” she said.

“I’ve found everybody very accommodating and friendly.”

As life at Samford Grove begins to return to normal, Margaret is most looking forward to taking part in the village’s busy calendar of social activities and events and “feeling part of the community”.

“On acreage, it takes a long time to get to know people, even when you’ve got neighbours,” she said.

“As I’m now by myself and getting older, it’s comforting to have people around who are in a similar situation.

“I didn’t ever feel insecure where I was – I’m still quite healthy and able-bodied. I do know that I can’t expect to feel like that for the next 15 or 20 years, that things do change and you have to recognise that – that’s life.

“It’s also good to be close to such a busy community, as there’s a number of activities and lots of places to go and things to see.”

Within the village itself, there’s never a dull moment as construction continues on the final four homes and the community’s new resident clubhouse.

On completion in August, the Homestead will include a broad range of five-star facilities, including a café, resident bar, cinema, hair and beauty salon and indoor heated swimming pool.

There is a tangible atmosphere of excitement as residents wait for the new facilities to open. For Margaret, the timing couldn’t have been better.

“I’m very glad I made the move when I did,” she said.

“It’s exciting to see it all open up… More people coming in, new facilities.

“I’m really pleased with everything – I feel secure, I’m happy in my environment, I’m comfortable in my home, I’m comfortable with the people around me, and I’m more than happy to put up with a bit of construction noise because I can see [the Homestead] is going to be fantastic!”

A boutique selection of 12 one- and two-bedroom apartments will also be completed in conjunction with the clubhouse, offering a relaxed, maintenance-free lifestyle and a convenient location right on top of the Homestead’s incredible lifestyle amenity.

Both the apartments and the remaining on-ground homes provide a unique downsizing opportunity for those who want to retire in Samford Valley’s idyllic countryside setting while being in the heart of it all within a supportive and secure community.

And if Margaret’s experience is anything to judge by, there will be many more new residents to welcome in the months to come.

“There was just a really good feel about the community when I first came in,” Margaret said.

“It was like a revelation, really – I thought: ‘If this is what retirement living is like, perhaps I should have considered it earlier!’

“I’m happy I’ve made the right decision.”

For more information about Samford Grove’s brand new homes and apartments, contact us today or call (07) 3289 3372.

The first display home at Samford Grove Retirement Village is now complete, giving interested buyers an early opportunity to see and feel the exceptional standard of the village’s brand new homes.

Buyers had their first formal opportunity to tour the home at Samford Grove’s Retirement Living Panel, held on Friday 14 February.

The display home – one of 16 on-ground homes being completed by June 2020 as part of the expanding village’s Stage 1 construction – is also open for inspection by appointment.

Reside Communities CEO Glen Brown said the display home marked an exciting milestone in the project.

“We are pleased to now be able to invite our clients to tour a completed, furnished home and fully experience the spacious layouts, quality finishes and beautiful views that our new homes offer,” he said.

“Downsizing to a home at Samford Grove is far from a downgrade, but it’s also about more than the bricks and mortar, like the maintenance-free lifestyle and community connection.”

The display home is built to one of the village’s most sought-after floor plans, the Type G. The three-bedroom, double garage home offers a bright, open plan living and dining space, master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in robe, modern kitchen and bathroom, outdoor entertaining area and garage with work bench.

Although many of the Type G homes in Stage 1A have been snapped up, there are also some two- and three-bedroom homes remaining.

Stage 1A will also deliver 12 apartments and an impressive resident clubhouse.

The clubhouse, which is located at the centre of the village, will feature a range of community facilities including a café, theatre, resident-run bar, library, gym, workshop and indoor pool.

Samford Village’s shops, services and cafés are only a short walk away and major shopping centres and hospitals are within close driving distance.

To book an inspection of the display home, please call (07) 3289 3372 or submit an enquiry

Samford Grove Display Villa – Lounge      Samford Grove Display Villa – Kitchen

Samford Grove Display Villa – Outdoor Entertaining      Samford Grove Display Villa - Master Bedroom