Samford Grove's hair and beauty salon with wooden floor boards and a dark, modern theme.

Have you visited the Samford Grove hair salon yet? Operating for over 12 years, the salon has always been a hit with our residents.

We caught up with senior hairstylist, Liza Kirk, for a chat about what’s been popular and the key trends for cutting-edge, over 60’s looks.

For over 36 years Liza Kirk has been helping women look and feel their best.  Since 2011, the hairstylist has been getting to know the residents at Samford Grove and adding her creative flair to hair.

“I love coming to work! I know not many people can say that, especially when Monday rolls around, but I do love what I do,” Liza said.

Born and raised in Samford, Liza is an expert in the area, and able to share her knowledge of local coffee spots and shops for residents.

“The residents are lovely, I like meeting new people and catching up with those I’ve known for a while and providing that personalised service, I like being creative and it’s not too far from home for me.”

While residents pop in for a cut, colour or a refresh, the Samford local says the experience is more than just cutting hair, she learns a lot from her clients too.

“Our residents have really interesting backgrounds, from where they’ve worked or where they’ve lived, they have interesting lives and it’s great hearing that.”

Hairdresser Liza holding a phone and taking a selfie in the salon.

After owning her own salons and even working on weddings, Liza has a wealth of knowledge and has truly made her mark at Samford Grove.

“I worked from home when my kids were younger but over the past 12 years, I’ve been able to really grow with the salon,” she said.

As for the cutting-edge trends? Liza says there’s a wide variety of looks emerging from the salon.

“There’s a few foils and modern hairstyles for the early 60’s and a few perms, which takes me back to my apprenticeship days!

“There’s a real variety of looks, we also offer brow waxing and tints in the salon too,” she said.

While no two days are the same in the salon, Liza says she has a love of both hairdressing and the Samford Grove village.

“I love hairdressing, I like the atmosphere and the staff: Bronwyn, Cathie, Des and Jacqui are all great to have, it’s a real feel-good place.”

The Samford Grove hair and beauty salon is just one of the many exciting amenities for residents to enjoy, open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

To book an appointment give the salon a call or pop in and see Liza!