Samford Grove has welcomed our newest residents, as the first of our Stage 3A retirees move in and start their new life in our community.


It’s great to see progress across our community with the frame installed and services roughed in for final building in Stage 2. The roof will be installed this week.


Our community is growing with the first of our new residents moving into the newly completed Stage 3A.


In just two months, construction has been full steam ahead, finalising a series of villas for our future residents. The first four homes are now complete.


The remaining Type G homes have all commenced construction and are progressing well.


Foundations have now been laid on half of the over/under homes, with the suspended slab poured and frames arriving onsite.  The other homes are not too far behind with ground slabs complete and level 1 blockwork underway.


In other exciting news, our new on-site display will be open for viewing this April. Stay tuned for more updates to come.


Make sure you check back in with us next month for the latest updates.

To register your interest in Samford Grove, call (07) 3289 3372 or enquire here. The Samford Grove Sales Suite is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm at 18 Camp Mountain Road, Samford Village.