Keen crafter, Cheryl Johnson holding a few of her handmade crafts, including jam covers and small handkerchiefs in Samford Grove's library.

Above: Crafter and resident, Cheryl Johnson showing some of the products that the group creates.

On Saturday mornings, a group of keen creatives at Samford Grove come together for ‘Craft and Coffee.’

For some residents, it’s a chance to connect with neighbours and for others, it’s a chance to work on a project or just have a bit of fun.

Samford Grove resident Elaine Holmes came up with the idea just over a year ago and it’s quickly become an anticipated social event in the community.

“I’m a qualified art teacher and about 18 months ago, I got some ladies together to redesign old jewellery and that’s how it all started,” Elaine said.

“It’s a chance for ladies to come together and paint or craft, knit, sew, and we do that every Saturday morning.”

Elaine also lends her skills on the first Saturday of every month for a creative class in the village workshop.

“It’s very informal and it’s just a fun art lesson,” she said.

“I can show them how to paint something, but we usually just have fun with a bit of paint and others do needlework or make cards or little gifts.” 

But it’s not all ladies. Elaine said some of the men have become involved too.

“It’s mostly the ladies but a few of the men come along and they’ve created woodwork pieces too.”

The projects are then sold in an honesty box in the library for residents to purchase. Elaine says this is important for those who simply can’t get to the shops.

“It’s designed for those who can’t drive but might have a grandson coming around next week or someone’s birthday is coming up, so they have a way to grab a card or a small gift,” she said.

Although it’s just a bit of fun, Elaine’s ‘craft-urdays are also a social event for residents to connect with one another and socialise.

“It’s about getting to know each other, there’s no charges for the workshop, it’s just a chance to come along and we enjoy the laughs.”

“Residents can choose to have their work in the shop, or they can just do it for fun, it’s not formal in any way, we’re all volunteers.”

Elaine says the weekly sessions are most important for those who might not have family close-by.

“Some residents might not have families here and this helps them out.”

“It’s also good for new people to come and meet other ladies with similar ideas.”

Craft and Coffee is held in the dining area at the Homestead every Saturday at Samford Grove.

Residents can also learn something new in a workshop un by Elaine on the first Saturday of every month.

If you’d like to support the creative club, gifts are available to purchase in the library for under $15.  


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