Residents Laurie and Linda Hayes hugging and smiling together.

The Samford Grove couple marked the occasion with an anniversary cruise around the tropics, from Brisbane to Hawaii. A stunning achievement, the couple were also lucky enough to celebrate the milestone twice!

With an anniversary dinner to mark their wedding day on April 15, upon crossing the international date line just after Tonga, the couple got to re-live the day with a second celebration, before cruising into Tahiti.

“We had dinner on the Saturday night and once the boat crossed the International Date Line, we had a second dinner for the Saturday again,” Laurie said.

In honour of their anniversary, Laurie and Linda received cards from King Charles III and wife Camila, the Governor General, David Hurley and wife Linda, the Governor of Queensland, Dr Jeanette Young, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and local PM for Samford, Peter Dutton.

Laurie and Linda met while both serving in the army in Melbourne, before marrying in 1963.

“I served in Vietnam then later stationed in Enoggera. We lived in The Gap for a number of years until eventually Samford,” said Laurie.

Linda raised their two children before working as a Car Park Supervisor while Laurie was a SS Manager for the Australian Lighthouse Services.

The couple have two children together and four grandchildren, with their son living in Sydney and their daughter in Brisbane.

The couple moved to Samford Grove in 2021 and both enjoy living in the village.

“It’s very good, it’s a nice place to live, we really enjoy our time here and the people,” Laurie said.

As for the secret to a long-lasting marriage? Laurie said it’s all about communication.

“We like anyone have disagreements, but it’s about making sure the disagreements don’t last.”

Laurie with dedicated cards he received for his anniversary.