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Samford Grove is partnering with Five Good Friends – one of Australia’s leading home care providers – to support our residents with the best available tailored assistance.

Why Five Good Friends?

Five Good Friends offers you control over your home care, together with empowering technology, more hours of care and exceptional service.

Friendship is also at the heart of their philosophy.

It’s reflected in their name and they believe is has the power to transform the way people are cared for.

In essence, friendship is one of the keys to living a longer, happier and healthier life.

Quite simply, their vision aligns with our values at Samford Grove, which offers an easy-going, highly connected and flourishing retirement among friends old and new.

Five Good Friends will provide a broad suite of services to allow our residents to continue living meaningful and independent lives.

They pride themselves on exceptional service. Whatever your needs they can provide a solution, from help with household chores to nursing care.

Matching you with the best people to assist and care for you is at the core of everything they do.

Not only do they verify the skills, training and references of the people they send to you, but they also look for people who are committed to forming a genuine connection with you.

The list of services is extensive. Five Good Friends can provide wide-ranging personal care, including dressing, bathing, and managing your daily medication.

They can also help you maintain your home including washing and ironing, cleaning the carpet and changing the sheets.

They have a nursing team that is available short term if you are recovering from a hospital stay, or longer term to treat ongoing conditions.

They can provide helpers to assist you reach your fitness goals and even accompany you on walks in the local community or care for your pets, including dog walking and grooming.

Help with administrative tasks such as signing documents, paying bills and using technology, is also offered.

Importantly, Five Good Friends offers the latest technology to empower you and give you more control.

With the assistance of an app, your Five Good Friends schedule is at your fingertips. You’ll know when helpers are scheduled to visit, when they have arrived, and you can track your expenditure for peace of mind.


To discover more about Five Good Friends, click here.

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