Samford Grove residents Shirley and husband, Les.

A generous green-thumb, Shirley treats her fellow residents and neighbours at Samford Grove with her home-grown oranges.

“I have a big lemon and orange tree in the yard, normally I get a big basket, collect the fruit, and carry the basket to the function room for the other residents. People pick them up at Happy Hour or make marmalade with them, it’s nice.”

Alongside her carer, Karli, Shirley enjoys getting out in the yard at Samford Grove and giving back to her fellow residents.

“When I walked in here, I knew it was a safe place. It’s a beautiful community. There are good people, beautiful surroundings. Les loves it too.”

At the young age of 89, Shirley has also recently marked a milestone, celebrating her 42nd wedding anniversary with husband, Les.

Married in 1981 the two met as primary school teachers after Les moved from England to Australia in 1975. Les was a Drama Director and received many awards for his acting over the years.

When she’s not giving back to others, Shirley enjoys painting and watching films with Les. Les is also an author and continues his love of writing.