Resident Margaret Crombie wearing gardening gloves and sitting in a green garden and veggie patch.

Whether you’re a keen green thumb or prefer the low-maintenance lifestyle, you can still enjoy a beautiful garden at Samford Grove.

Village Manager, Bronwyn O’Brien, said the community’s gardening and maintenance team look after the communal areas so residents can enjoy the beauty without the maintenance.

“Residents have their lawns mowed fortnightly, the front gardens are tidied, and the team also assist in replanting small plants,” she said.

“They also maintain all the common areas for the residents to enjoy on their daily walks or outside events and the team give their time freely with some gardening tips.”

Bronwyn said the team are also mindful of the environment and garden sustainably.

“The team are sustainably conscious and will utilise propagated plants from around the village to enhance and update other areas.”

For those looking for a passion project or to get their creativity flowing, residents like Margaret Crombie grow their own fruit and vegetables and share the produce with fellow residents.

Margaret has lived at Samford Grove for three years and found she can still follow her passions and get creative in the garden.

“At the moment the citrus seems to be doing well: grapefruit, lime, lemons mandarin and passionfruit are all growing well,” she said.

“I also have a raised veggie garden bed and a few green leaves for salads. I’ve got carrots, zucchinis, herbs and parsley and curry leaves around the place too.”

Before making the move to the village, Margaret lived off acreage and always had a love for gardening.

“It gets me outside, rather than being inside moving dust around,” she jokes.

“Gardening is a healthy thing to do, even if the fruit is cheap at the supermarket, it always tastes better if you’ve grown it yourself.”

For those who don’t have much luck gardening, Margaret says it’s all about trial and error.

“Every place is different so it’s a lot of trial and error especially living somewhere new, like a new build you have to be mindful that you need decent soil. I buy mine from the local hardware store and it’s enough for plants to thrive on. Then I build it up with more compost and give the plants a decent drink,” she said.

“Keep on trying and try seasonal growing. While something might grow well in Tasmania or somewhere near the beach, it won’t necessarily grow well somewhere else like Samford, for example.

“But you learn, here the tomatoes are grown in winter, not summer because we have fruit flies in Queensland, so it’s a lot of trial and error, but you’ll get there.”

For more information on Samford Grove or to discover the lifestyle on offer for yourself, contact our team on (07) 3289 3372.