Samford Grove band "Samford Groovers" performing live in front of fellow residents in the Clubhouse.

Our sister village, Brookland Robertson isn’t just a flourishing community, the village also offers a range of exciting lifestyle initiatives including a dance class each Friday afternoon to shake off the week. Residents have been enjoying the new high-energy classes and learning a thing or two from Bollywood moves to Bee-Gee grooves, the Cha-Cha and everything in between!

While over at Samford Grove, the local ‘Samford Groovers’ played a sold-out show at The Homestead recently. The group have already built a loyal fan base in the village and recently played like rockstars, with not one but… two encores! The concert helped raise money for Dementia Research, raising $250!

Our communities aren’t just for retiring, they’re also a chance to enjoy the things you love, in a friendly environment, and with plenty of events and activities running across the calendar, you’re sure to find something fun to try!

Dance class at Brookland Robertson in the Clubhouse.