It’s been amazing to see the Samford Grove community thrive and flourish over the past four years since Reside’s expansion works began.

With Stage 3 nearing completion, and most of the townhomes now complete, happy residents have begun moving in and enjoying their new low-maintenance lifestyle.

The last stage in Samford’s expansion has seen four homes in Stage 4 now complete, while the finishing touches are underway for the last homes in the stage.

Painting, tiling and a final fit-off is well underway in the community’s final homes and, once complete, will finalise Samford Grove’s expansion.

Residents have seen a range of exciting changes throughout Samford Grove and while the expansions will soon complete the community, it’s rewarding to see how much it has grown.

As always, check back next month for the latest construction developments.

To register your interest or view our display home, contact Samford Grove Sales Manager Desley Arnold on (07) 3289 3372.