Two residents enjoying a pie and coffee at the Samford Grove cafe.

With winter here, the café at Samford Grove is heating up!

At Samford Grove, residents have been tucking into a choice of two winter warmers, either a beef or chicken pie, with a side of crispy, hot chips (yum!)

For those looking for something lighter, there’s a choice of two soups: either pumpkin and sweet potato, or a creamy corn chowder soup. Whichever soup you choose, each option sits alongside a crusty bread roll for dipping on a chilly winter day.

But it’s not just pies and soups, Samford Grove residents are also enjoying the Lamb and Rosemary Filo and Fish and Chips for lunch. While the sweet tooths are loving Devonshire Teas and warmed apple slice. 

Below: Samford Grove residents enjoying lunch.

Two residents enjoying a pie and coffee at the Samford Grove cafe.

  Group of residents eating lunch at a round table in the Samford Grove cafe.

Over at Brookland, the winter warmers are inspired by the footy season. With a selection of beef or chicken pies with chips, or a sausage roll in either spinach and feta, or beef. It’s just like a real footy game, but cheaper, tastier and made with love.

Below: Brookland residents warming up!

Residents casually sitting around a wooden table in the café smiling. Four residents have a winter lunch in front of them on the table. A couple sitting around a wooden table in the Brookland cafe with coffees in colourful mugs in front of them.  Debbie from Brookland wearing green and showing off the winter menu sign. The café has green walls with pie and sausage roll special sign on the bench.

Couple sitting around a wooden table with a resident in the middle. Two coffees in yellow mugs sit on the table alongside glasses and wallets.
 Whether you’re an AFL, NRL or even a soccer fan, everyone can come together and warm up with a hearty pie in the cafe this winter.

The Brookland and Samford Grove café is open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 2pm.

The café is just one of the quality, everyday services and support options that are available to residents at Samford Grove.

To learn more about Samford Grove or to book a private tour, contact us on (07) 3289 3372.