Margaret Crombie - Samford Grove Retirement Village

Samford Grove Retirement Village has opened the doors to Stage 1A of its new development, with the first residents moving into their brand new homes.

Construction has been underway since October last year, and excitement has been steadily building since the first slabs appeared.

For Margaret Crombie, the first resident to move into the new section, the appeal of a newly built home and the benefits of retirement village living made the decision to move to Samford Grove an easy one – and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I was just up the road in Cashmere, living on acreage by myself,” she said.

“I was looking to buy another property in Samford – not another big property, but another house with a bit of land.

“Just by chance I saw the advertising for this community and I thought I’d come and have a look, and within three days I had put down a deposit. It just seemed to all come together.”

Low-maintenance living was a significant drawcard for Margaret, offering a stark change from the burden of looking after a large family home and acreage.

At Samford Grove, Margaret is still able to tend to her garden – an interest she’s held for decades – while the village team looks after home maintenance, lawnmowing and other household chores, not to mention keeping the village’s facilities in excellent condition.

“When I looked at [Samford Grove], I saw the advantages of having a brand new property,” she said.

“My husband was a very good handyman and he would be able to fix most things around the house.

“When he passed away, I had to do it myself and I just don’t have those skills – you know, I’d never had to look after a pool before.

“I was having to either get my son to come down from the Sunshine Coast, or my friends. Everyone offers to help you and they don’t mind doing it, but you mind!

“To have the maintenance sorted, that takes a huge weight of your shoulders when you’ve been doing it by yourself for a few years. It was a big feeling of relief when I moved in.”

Margaret joined the community in mid April, at the height of Queensland’s COVID-19 restrictions. Though she’s had to get to know some of her fellow residents from afar, it hasn’t stopped new relationships from forming.

“Despite the lockdown, I’ve met people just walking around the village or popping their heads in to say hello,” she said.

“I’ve found everybody very accommodating and friendly.”

As life at Samford Grove begins to return to normal, Margaret is most looking forward to taking part in the village’s busy calendar of social activities and events and “feeling part of the community”.

“On acreage, it takes a long time to get to know people, even when you’ve got neighbours,” she said.

“As I’m now by myself and getting older, it’s comforting to have people around who are in a similar situation.

“I didn’t ever feel insecure where I was – I’m still quite healthy and able-bodied. I do know that I can’t expect to feel like that for the next 15 or 20 years, that things do change and you have to recognise that – that’s life.

“It’s also good to be close to such a busy community, as there’s a number of activities and lots of places to go and things to see.”

Within the village itself, there’s never a dull moment as construction continues on the final four homes and the community’s new resident clubhouse.

On completion in August, the Homestead will include a broad range of five-star facilities, including a café, resident bar, cinema, hair and beauty salon and indoor heated swimming pool.

There is a tangible atmosphere of excitement as residents wait for the new facilities to open. For Margaret, the timing couldn’t have been better.

“I’m very glad I made the move when I did,” she said.

“It’s exciting to see it all open up… More people coming in, new facilities.

“I’m really pleased with everything – I feel secure, I’m happy in my environment, I’m comfortable in my home, I’m comfortable with the people around me, and I’m more than happy to put up with a bit of construction noise because I can see [the Homestead] is going to be fantastic!”

A boutique selection of 12 one- and two-bedroom apartments will also be completed in conjunction with the clubhouse, offering a relaxed, maintenance-free lifestyle and a convenient location right on top of the Homestead’s incredible lifestyle amenity.

Both the apartments and the remaining on-ground homes provide a unique downsizing opportunity for those who want to retire in Samford Valley’s idyllic countryside setting while being in the heart of it all within a supportive and secure community.

And if Margaret’s experience is anything to judge by, there will be many more new residents to welcome in the months to come.

“There was just a really good feel about the community when I first came in,” Margaret said.

“It was like a revelation, really – I thought: ‘If this is what retirement living is like, perhaps I should have considered it earlier!’

“I’m happy I’ve made the right decision.”

For more information about Samford Grove’s brand new homes and apartments, contact us today or call (07) 3289 3372.